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Soilchem, LLC offers organic, biodegradable, non-toxic and 100% environmentally friendly products for road and soil treatment.

Independence County, Arkansas 11-2021

Washita County, OK District 1 Commissioner, Bart Gossen, and Joe Sherman, SoilChem, LLC, discussing how great SoilPak250 has been on his roads

Marshall County, Oklahoma 11-2021

Independence County, Arkansas 11-2021

Lake Texoma, OK 11-2021

East McClain County, Oklahoma Rd 190th & May, 9-2021

Marshall County, Josh Cantrell, Oklahoma, District 2 County Commissioner discussing how SoilChem, LLC’s SoilPak-250 has helped his county. 9-2021

Idabel, McCurtain County, Oklahoma 9-2021

SoilChem, LLC, breaking down asphalt, 9-2021

SC Zipper machine on roads 09-2021

Canadian County, Oklahoma Road 8-2021

Kinsgston County, Oklahoma – July 2, 2021 

McClain County, Oklahoma – May 2021 

Marshall County, Oklahoma  12 month old road with chip and seal on top of SoilPak-250

Pontotoc 2nd Job, 10-15-20

Pontotoc District 1 – October, 2020

Mayes County, OK August 2020

Desha County, AR August, 2020

Kentucky 2020

Railroad – Kay County, OK 2020

Cotton County, Temple, OK 2018

Louisiana Oilfield 2019

Louisiana RV Park, 2019

Houston, TX 2019

Comanche County, Geronimo, OK 2015

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